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This service, together with our business travel packages, is one of the main activities of our business. It’s a well-known fact that we’re the first choice of travel agency for the largest Greek and international shipping companies. We offer high-quality personalized transportation to domestic and foreign sailors, and the executives of shipping companies. Finally, in cooperation with our global network of partners, we provide a full range of additional services with the most competitive fares in the market.

Crew Transfer
Shipping requires industry knowledge, experience and flexibility. In addition, 24/7 services are essential for the successful and cost-effective changing of crews. These are the Air Exelixi guarantees, ones we uphold throughout every journey.

The goals of our specialized shipping team are to be consistently excellent, to seek new techniques and collaborations, to be upstanding members of LUFTHANSA CITY CENTER – a global network with more than 800 offices in over 75 countries – and to expand the scope and value of our services.

For twenty years, we’ve been continuously serving large Greek and foreign shipping companies, paying fastidious attention to detail, comfort, organization, safety and complete technological coverage.