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12 Days

Holiday Package in Greece | Acropolis Expedition

Embark on your own odyssey from island to island, discovering their well-hidden, seductive secrets. The endless blue of the Aegean that encloses the beautiful islands of Greece is waiting for you to discover it.

You’ve probably always dreamed of visiting the Greek islands, but never have you been offered the chance to explore them by a private, luxurious boat.

This completely unique travel experience will allow you to discover Greece from a totally new point of view, a seabound voyage that mimics the expeditions of ancient times.

After beginning in Athens and spending two days exploring the wonders of its famous sites, like the Parthenon, we’ll begin our 9-day journey of the Aegean sea – sailing approximately 60 miles a day, a total of 450 miles. In between sails we’ll make stops at some of the islands’ best destinations, staying at the best seaside or village hotels. During the day, you’ll get the chance to visit secluded bays, beaches and coves, wander through small villages and explore hidden destinations only accessible by private boat.


The Acropolis Expedition will take you into the heart of Greece, giving you the chance to get to know the local people, and discover the country’s precious secrets only revealed to a lucky few.

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