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Lufthansa City Center


AIR EXELIXI offers award-winning services and solutions that cover a wide range of tourism categories: From merchant shipping to business and leisure travel, we provide personalized guides and custom-made travel experiences tailored to our client’s needs.

Concierge Services

  • We are an official member of IATA and handle the issuing of airplane and boat tickets
  • Transfer of VIP customers with security and privacy, up-to-date cars and fully trained drivers
  • Booking of trips and activities
  • Reservations of business or private dinners
  • Tickets for sports events
  • Special happenings or conventions

Lufthansa City Center

AIR EXELIXI Travel was founded in 2002, establishing its headquarters in Glyfada, Athens.

In 2008, our travel agency became an official member of IATA, followed by joining the global network of Lufthansa City Center in September 2010. Now, Air Exelixi Travel is one of 600 worldwide offices providing customers with high-quality travel agency services.

In November 2009, the first Air Exelixi Travel branch opened its doors in Shanghai, China, with the aim of attracting Chinese tourism to the Mediterranean.

This was shortly followed by the opening of its second branch, this time in the Hondos Center department store of Omonia, Athens in March 2010.